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 Last update: 14.11.2011

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nedjelja, travanj 10, 2011

Basic information's

This guide contains basic information's about reducing fps lag in battlefields.
This guide covers some ideas which work for some people in current game version.


I have seen tons of people asking about this every day, both in game and on the forums. So instead of answering it a million times, I decided to post it here.
This guide includes changing game files. Changing any game file is against the rules. By following this guide, you will be forced to change game files and break those rules.
If you follow this guide, step by step, you will complete it successfuly. If you skip any of those steps, you risk damaging your files and trashing whole game.
I'm not liable any direct indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damage caused by this guide.
By proceding you certify that you have read and agree with terms written above.

Getting started

Things to do

  1. Setting your vco graphic on highest speed instead of highest quality.
  2. Turning off information prompt.
  3. Editing game files.

1. Setting your graphic

After installing the game, graphic is usually set to Normal. This setting can cause some lag on low end computers. This lag is not caused by network connection as many people claim. Its caused by graphic card. No one knows exactly why. Theres many theories. Some graphic cards can run up to 10 accounts without any lags, and some can't even run 1 account. Most problems are appearing on ATI cards. Till this problem gets solved by developer we have to improvise and create our own fixes.
Game allows you 4 settings.

  • High speed
  • Normal
  • High quality
  • Customize

I think they are all self explainatory.

To access those settings you need to open "System Settings".
You can do so by clicking on this icon in bottom right corner, or trough keyboard shortcut, by pressing ( CTRL + Q ).
After interface opens, click on "Display Settings". You will see 4 settings on bottom. Make a mark on high speed and press "Yes" to save. Note, if you put high speed, you won't see some things like pink circle above tasked players. This can cause some problems in sieges.
After completing this step, you should restart game.

If lag still exists, go to second option.

2. Turning off information prompt

Information prompt is a small chat appearing in middle-top. It shows information prompts from public chat. For example when a friend  or enemy logs in, when cannon fires etc... Since battlefield requires shooting from cannons, information prompt gets very busy. Sometimes it gets so busy, it can't show so much information's so fast, so the game drops FPS in order to compensate for it.
Turning off information prompt is easy.
You can do so by clicking on this icon in bottom right corner, or trough keyboard shortcut, by pressing ( CTRL + Q ).
After interface opens, click "Game Features". Search for "Wheater to use the information prompt" and choose "No".

If lag still exists, go to last option.

3. Editing game files

Before rushing to edit files, you need to know few things. Changing game files is against the rules. Since theres no way for IGG to find out if you changed files or not, they can't punish you, so you should be safe. Also you should know if you follow this guide you will lose some effects in game. You will not see smoke when firing from cannons, fire from exploding cannonballs and similar things.
If you agree with things above we can start editing.

First you need to locate your CannonEffect.ini file. Your directory is probably different than mine.

D:\Voyage Century Online\voyage\resource\ini\CannonEffect.ini

Once you find the file, you need to open it. Since windows doesn't have any default ini file editor, we will use notepad. Its not as good as some commercial products but it will do the job.

Once you opened the file, you will see this text.


All you have to do is delete those particles. Thoose particles are textures game reads when firing cannons. When you get surrounded by 50 ships, theres a lot of particles to load. FPS drops to compensate and you experience lag. You should remove all particles.

After removing particles, file should look like this.


Your done, save the file and restart vco.


1. I can't save the file. What should I do?
 - right click on CannonEffect.ini => Properties => General Tab => Uncheck read only attribute

2. It doesn't work, my game still lags. Why?
 - I'm sorry, it won't work for everyone. This should only reduce lags, not eliminate them.

3. Is there any other way to solve this problem?
 - probably... Stay tuned. I will add more ways when i find them out.




Download patch

I made a setup file, for less experienced computer users. It does everything above in few clicks. Setup has both install and uninstall options. Install will install fixed file and unistall will recover original file.

Its uploaded to megaupload, free upload service.




Last few words

Again I have to repeat, IGG strongly disagrees with changing files so do this on your own risk, although theres no real way to find out if you really did this or not.
You wont have special effect like fire. smoke and stuff but if that's the price to pay to reduce lags, I think its worth it.

I'm not liable any direct indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damage caused by this guide.

Created by DSofa.

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